Privacy Policy – Personal Data Protection Policy

We wish to make the Nordic Meetings & Events Expo a good and positive experience for all guests and exhibitors, both before, during and after the trade show and Expo. Therefore, we have listed a number of conditions/guidelines for participating at the event.

The terms also allow you to see how we use the data you provide in connection with your registration. At the same time, we are already complying with current and future legislation on data processing.

Nordic Meetings & Events Expo is a closed trade fair and Expo, reserved for meeting and event planners and anyone who book, organizes and arrange for meetings, events, courses, conferences, hotel accommodations etc.

You are required to register for the Nordic Meetings & Events Expo under the appropriate participant category. We offer access to a limited number of students, suppliers and employees in the industry. If you belong to one of these categories, use the respective registration forms for this.

The registration for the Nordic Meetings & Events Expo 2020 is free of charge and valid once you have received a confirmation. Your registration is binding and we have provided lectures, free bus services from Jutland / Funen and event activities in anticipation of your arrival. Should you be prevented from anticipation, please remember to unsubscribe by 08.00am on the arrival day. You can change your choices in your registration right up to the event days at. 08.00am, via link indicated in your confirmation. You can also unsubscribe from the same link. Please note, however, that if you have ordered transport from Jutland / Fyn, you must unsubscribe within 24 hours before the start of the event.

Nordic Meetings & Events Expo 2020 reviews all registration entries and reserves the right to refuse persons who, on request, are not able to plausibly confirm that they as a part of their work functions book, arrange and/or organize meetings, events, courses, conferences or similar.

Marketing / Sales / Job
During the fair, exhibitors do not want to be contacted by suppliers or jobseekers. Consequently, it is not allowed to search for exhibitors or to market or sell products/services to exhibitors during the event. Violation of this prohibition policy results in immediate expulsion the event. In case of violation of this prohibition policy, the expulsion will also require payment of a fee of not less than DKK 10,000.

Nordic Meetings & Events Expo uses the Athenas/Opus Group event system to manage and administer registrations for the show. As a result, you will receive emails and, if necessary, SMS from Athenas on behalf of the show. These messages can not be answered. As an organizer of the Nordic Meetings & Events Expo 2020, Kursuslex publishes the right of access and use to all data provided in connection with the registration for the event.

Name tags and scanning
Upon arrival at the Nordic Meetings & Events Expo, you will be provided with your name tag, which will be marked with the category under which, you have signed up in the registration process. If you participate for both days of the event, you will need a new nameplate every day. The nameplate must be visible during the entire visit. The nameplate contains a barcode with your entered contact data, which can be scanned for access to the show and the activities that take place. If you let your name check by an exhibitor, you consent to the exhibitor accessing your entered contact data, which may be used for follow-up contact to you after the show - just as if you had handed your business card.

Nordic Meetings & Events Expo 2020 can not be held responsible for the communications that may be initiated from exhibitors after the show. Any complaints about this must therefore be addressed directly to the exhibitor in question.

Photography and video recordings
Nordic Meetings & Events Expo is a major Nordic event, which many participants - including the event organizers - want to document in the form of photos and video recordings. There will therefore be photographers and film teams present at the event. It is up to the event guests and participants to clearly state to these photographers and film teams -if they do not want to be photographed and/or filmed.

In connection with the publication of photos and video recordings from the event, Nordic Meetings & Events Expo 2020 follows the rules contained in relevant legislation, including the rules on situational images. Nordic Meetings & Events Expo 2020 can not be held responsible for other media, stakeholders and exhibitors' photo and video releases from the show.

By signing up for the Nordic Meetings & Events Expo 2020 registration, you allow Nordic Meetings & Events Expo 2020, Kursuslex and Associates to contact you (fx sending e-mails, text messages, MMS, notifications, push messages, widgets, through apps, social media, the internet and other digital channels.) and to contact you by phone. This includes contact about relevant product types, campaigns, event competitions and marketing.

The purpose of the above mentioned collection of personal data is partly that we can offer access to the Nordic Meetings & Events Expo 2020 and partly to optimize the user experience and make targeted marketing. The legal basis for the processing is Article 6 (1) of the EU Personal Data Regulation.

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